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CGI SCRIPTS is your excellent resource for everything to do with cgi scripts. Find the best sites with cgi script tutorials, Perl tutorials, free cgi scripts, articles, forums and other cgi resources.

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What is CGI script?

CGI is an acronym for "Common Gateway Interface". Essentially, CGI is a program which runs on your server. A plain html document is static, which means it exists in a constant state -- a text file that doesn't change. A cgi program, on the other hand, is executed in real-time, so that it can output dynamic information. CGI programs allow you to do powerful, useful things with your web site from taking customer's orders to playing interactive games.

The programming language Perl has become the most popular choice for writing CGI. Perl is an acronym for "Practical Extraction and Report Language" freely available for Unix, MVS, VMS, MS/DOS, Macintosh, OS/2, Amiga, and other operating systems.




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